Time to sweat it out!

Since most of the COVE apartments come with facilities such as a communal home gym or a fitness room, the basic amenities are already provided for. Although sometimes, doing the same workout routine can get mundane and as such, if you want to challenge yourself and switch up with your workout routines, try different types of gyms and see what fits! 

First stop – the Fan’s favourite, BOXING!

The Boxing Gym Provides Benefits Home | Tion Bike

Boxing is an excellent way to keep the blood pumping and as I am writing this very healthy topic, I am munching on some cookies! Oops! 😛 I mean, come on!  How many of you are reading this without munching on something right now! 

So what makes boxing so good? For starters, it really helps to get your ideal athletic body condition. It does not make you bulk up and be like The Terminator but rather it will keep you in shape like Captain America. It encourages you to have patience and discipline but yet injects some fun in it! The fun bit? You get to throw punches in the ring! It is a good way to vent after a long day of work!

What’s spinning good looking! 

No? Bad pun? How about ‘I came, I spun, I conquered!” 

…. still bad? 

Then check out Absolute You’s spin classes! They have better spin equipment and sayings. 

The fun bit?

The whole fitness room is designed to have a clubbing effect with a dark room lit up by neon lights and upbeat music. It helps to distract you from the tiredness and gets you into the right mood. 

Good news?

There are shower facilities provided for with complimentary shampoo and soap. This way, you can leave the class drenched with sweat but emerge from the studio feeling all fresh and fitter. Now you really have no excuse to skip a workout! Go on, work those thighs! 

How The Rhythm Cycling Class At Absolute Cycle Singapore Converted ...

Credit – Absolute You Singapore

What about those who rather tone up their bodies? Perhaps you should start looking at exercises that focus on resistance and strength training – Pilates. 

Absolute U has both spin and Pilates which makes it even more tempting to try it! 

This is catered to those who would rather not bulk up and look like Hulk but rather, tone it up and build flexibility, endurance and even strength. 

To sweat it up, these are some of the many options you can explore in and switch up your workout regime! 

Keep sweating and stay safe! Don’t forget to hydrate yourself!

Disclaimer alert: Look out for those gyms that offer a free one-time trial lesson, that way you can get a good sweat while enjoying the different types of the workout!

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