What to ask your co-living point of contact?

Decided on co-living? Good for you! Approaching a few co-living companies would be the first step to finding your perfect home. But as someone who is new to this, there will be plenty of questions swarming around your head and uncertainty involved. 

“Is this the right choice?” “What are the hidden costs?” “What exactly are the types of rooms for rent?”

In this article, I will be writing about things you should take note on.

What are the hidden costs? 

This is really important as you are paying a lump sum per month, you would definitely want to know what exactly you are paying for and why. Keep a lookout for all-inclusive prices and ask what exactly is all-inclusive. For COVE, what we offer is a fully furnished apartment that encompasses a 42-inch flatscreen TV and Wifi of 1GBPS. We also have a fully equipped kitchen with kitchen wares and best of all, there are no agent fees! 

Understanding the different types of rooms 

There are many different definitions for different rooms as well as what comes with them and sometimes this can get rather confusing. Below are some of the common words to describe the rooms. 

  • The common room also known as Standard rooms. These rooms come with a shared bathroom. Essentially, this means that for a 3 bedroom condo where it comprises of 1 Master bedroom and 2 standard rooms. The 2 standard rooms share the common bathroom and typically, it should be no more than 2 people per bathroom. 
  • Master bedroom – Master bedrooms for rent are highly sought after as these come with an ensuite bathroom. This means that you have your very own bathroom in your own privacy. 
  • Studio apartment – A studio apartment, on the other hand, is a 1 bedroom unit with your kitchen and bathroom combined in the entire unit. These are for people who value privacy so much they would rather be on their own. 
  • Dual key studio – Ever heard of them? Dual key studio apartments are slightly more complex. It refers to the idea of having 2 homes sharing a common area and can be subdivided into 2 separate private homes


What happens if I don’t get along with my flatmates? 

The sad truth is, there will be bound to have little tensions here and there that could snowball into a scuffle. That could be the fear of some others when it comes to co-living. My advice to you is to try and work it out like adults first. Understand one another’s standpoint and work towards it. The fights could be as simple as the use of the bathroom first. To avoid future tiffs, schedule a planner and stick towards it. If you have tried all ways to handle the situation and nothing changes, never be afraid to reach out to your property manager and let them know what is happening. We are best equipped to handle such situations and advise you from there. 


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