Top 3 must-do during self-quarantine

Top 3 must-do during self-quarantine:

  1.     Calling all shopaholics!
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Courtesy of Stylenanda website

Love clothes? Shoes? Makeup? If you have a penchant for looking like a fashionista, I am sure you are already doing it – Online shopping that is! Looking for cheap online clothing stores in Singapore makes it wallet-friendly as well especially when your savings account is leaner than a beef patty in McDonald’s. On one hand, you want to look stunning on the other you want to invest in your future but there are so many amazing online clothing stores in Singapore! I do believe in practising both philosophies in tandem and really, shop responsibly! Spoil yourself! You deserve it!

 Check out this Korean clothing website like as it will surely satisfy the desires of the supermodel in you.

  1.     Let’s have a Netflix spree
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Now that we have online shopping in Singapore out of the way, it is time for stay home Saturday. If you are not a subscriber of Netflix, you might want to reconsider that. The best thing about Netflix is its ability to operate on multiple devices which means you can share with your family and flatmates the Netflix account and go Dutch on the bill! With no cringe-inducing marketing or mid-roll buffers ruining the suspense of the movie unlike traditional TV, YouTube and most online stream websites, it is truly a Godsend. When boredom strikes, try Netflix Party! A revolutionary way for movie nights with families or that long-distance special someone. It adds group chats to your favourite Netflix shows and synchronizes video playback allowing you and your loved ones to watch Netflix together virtually

  1. Time to whip out the games! 
Courtesy of Petersen Games

Now that everyone is stuck at home amid the coronavirus outbreak, loved ones are turning to video chatting through WhatsApp videos, FaceTime or even Skype. But there will come a time where chatting gets boring and stale – After all, how many updates can one even have? You are also practising social responsibility and saving the world by literally staying at home with comfort furniture.

Gaming is one such activity where it can keep one another amused by participating in online games together. If you want a good laugh and find out how ‘artsy’ your friends can be, try ! How it works – Create a room and share the room code or the link. Watch as your friends struggle to race against time and draw something remotely close to the clue given.

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