It is a Foodmergency

For those meat chompers, Brazil Churrasco is to die for. What is it? 

Basically, it is a Brazilian tradition of grilling meats over the fire. Good to share amongst your flatmates! What better way to bond over succulent and juicy steaks? Celebrate co-living in Singapore the meaty way! 

What do I love about Brazil Churrasco? With over 14 different kinds of meat including beef, chicken, pork, lamb and speciality sausages, it truly is meat haven. Skewers of juicy meat are constantly brought to your table, making you feel like royalty and the butler, oh my mistake, the waiter will carve them up onto your plate and the cycle repeats. Too much meat? No worries! There is an abundance of tropical fruits and deliciously blended vegetables to wash down the sizzling fatty, delicate and buttery meat! 

From churrasco to farinha: Brazilian food to try | Insight Guides Blog

Brazilian churrasco. Photo: Shutterstock

The Line (Shangri-La Hotel)

the line 05037006

Anyone on a seafood diet? You know, the diet where you see food and eat it? If not, I highly recommend you to try this seafood diet here at Shangri-La Hotel! 

With an abundance of ocean-fresh seafood and hailed as one of the best, The Line at Shangri- La literally has a line of guests waiting to try the delicacies. 

Guests are spoilt for choices as there is a whole array of culinary specialities. Classic Japanese, fresh seafood, juicy Western, crunchy salads and flavoursome desserts. 

Atrium Restaurant

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Restaurant flatlay
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Restaurant flatlay

Joining the ever-growing list of Halal buffet, Atrium Restaurant is the cool kid in the neighbourhood, which is in between Tiong Bahru MRT station and Fort Canning MRT station. Calling all Aspen Heights, Central Green and Highline Residences Coveys, you do not want to miss this treasure! 

Local favourites are the focal point of this buffet and the chicken rice station is one of the most popular stations that is a must-try! 

You can also find roti prata here and get entertained as you watch each piece get skillfully kneaded right in front of you!

Roti prata is a savoury South Indian Specialty dish that uses a type South-Indian flatbread made by deep-frying stretched dough flavoured with ghee (Indian clarified butter). The classic way to enjoy Prata is by cutting a small piece and dipping it in the curry sauce. Taste the literal goodness as a mixture of spice and crispy flatbread melts in your mouth. 

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