5 tricks to survive in Singapore

5 Tricks to survive in Singapore:

  1.     Foodie hack 101

10 Economy Rice Cai Png 菜饭 in Singapore That Will O-Png Up Your ...

Did you know that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to live in? We all know food is essential and sometimes the cost of living in Singapore can get quite high. As such, there are hawker centres scattered around COVE apartments and they sell budget-friendly food. Now, what if I were to share with you that you can ask for extra rice in your meal without actually paying for more? All you gotta say is “Duo Fan” (which means more rice) or “Jia Fan” (which means add more rice). You could also go on a hunt for the best hawker stalls in Singapore or hawkers near you and let us know which is your favourite!


  1.     Journey A to B

grab hyundai car EV

Jon Russell

COVE’s mattresses too comfortable and woke up late? Hate the evening crowd where everyone is rushing off to work with grumpy faces because it’s 8 am in the morning? Instead of using public transport in Singapore, Use GRAB! GRAB is a convenient way to commute from point A to point B without having to worry about being huddled together like a pack of sardines. Especially when you get confused over the many MRT lines Singapore has. Blueline MRT, Red line MRT, Green line MRT, North East line, South East line, so many lines!  A little tip: sometimes the cab on GRAB is much cheaper than flagging a cab down.


  1.     The “Paiseh” moment

Paiseh (Pronounced Pai- Seh) is Singaporean’s way of saying Embarrassing. We all get caught up in embarrassing moments, like rushing for the train full of people only to have it close just seconds before you could reach it. That’s where our mobile phones come in handy. Whip out your mobile phone and stare at it so you wouldn’t have to make awkward eye contact with the people in the train who witnessed your legendary fail. Aren’t you glad we send you weekly articles? You can even look at COVE’s website and be awed at how awesome our fully furnished room designs with comfort furniture are strategically placed with comfort in mind.

It also works when you have given up your seat to someone and are now swaying uncomfortably in front of them. Oh, the joys of being an A star citizen. 

  1.     Grocery shopping
supermarket shopping
supermarket shopping

With our modern kitchen design, cooking up a storm is a must and it usually needs pristine ingredients. After toiling away at work, you come back home ready to stuff yourself but surprise surprise, your fridge has barely any food stocked. Don’t panic, COVE’s got you. Here is a link to RedMart: https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.bkYt . Redmart is an online grocery shop where you can shop for your ingredients on your mobile phone without literally having to step into any grocery mart. Share it with your flatmates and enjoy a meal together. Awesome right? Perfect for our inner sloth.

  1.     “CHOPE”

When eating out at hawker centres with your colleagues, friends or flatmates and you realize it is sardine-packed, that is when your name card comes in handy. No, you’re not making business connections, you’re going to put it on the table and “chope” (Pronounced as Zho – Peh). Yes, you’re reading it right. It basically means reserving your seat in a public place so that you can collect your food without having to worry about people taking your seat. P.S check out Maxwell Food Center, one of the more popular hawker centres in the city!

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