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COVE is here to help you find your perfect co-living room to rent in Singapore. But what is co-living and why should you care about it?

Growing rapidly in cities from the US to China, you’d be hard-pressed not to have heard about this latest craze in home rental! Put simply, co-living is just the trendy new way of describing flat-sharing or renting a room. It’s a way of living favoured by younger renters because it’s both sociable and affordable – usually allowing renters to live in nicer places, close to the city centre for less than half the cost of renting on their own.

The truth is that co-living has existed around the world for decades but hasn’t always been easy to arrange, particularly for people new to a city. Anyone who has rented a room before will tell you that the challenges include finding flatmates, splitting the costs of bills and furnishings, finding landlords willing to take on multiple young occupants and sometimes weeks of paperwork. 

Recently, co-living has garnered mainstream attention due to increasing demand for more affordable rental accommodation. This is being driven by pressures on global housing markets and the change in lifestyle needs of younger generations. The millennial generation typically stay single until later in life, are increasingly mobile and who don’t place as much prestige on ‘ownership’ of a home. Co-living also enables community living which is seen as attractive to those who are looking to forge more social connections in our increasingly isolated digital world.

Love where you live

The traditional real estate industry is not known for innovation or adoption of new technologies and most landlords pay very little attention to giving their tenants the homes they deserve, especially for those on lower budgets. That’s why COVE made it our mission to bring flatsharing firmly into the 21st century, with a vision to make booking a room as easy as booking a Grab.

So with a few options available why choose COVE as your co-living provider of choice?

COVE flatshare at Emerald Garden 4 Tanjong Pagar CBD Marina Bay living room 1

COVE itself offers fully-furnished rooms to rent in houses or apartments as well as developing whole co-living buildings with cleverly designed studio rooms and an abundance of shared communal spaces. The core benefit is that renters get more for less – stylishly furnished properties in awesome locations at affordable prices.But COVE’s offer doesn’t stop there – the experience starts with a slick online listing platform that allows easy search and surfacing of relevant rooms, property viewings can then be seamlessly booked online and even arranged as video calls for those with busy schedules. The properties themselves are in great locations and are clean, bright and modern with stylish furnishings worthy of any Instagram grid.

COVE prides itself on flexible contracts (which start from just 3 months) and transparent rental prices which are all-inclusive, covering furnishings, kitchenware, taxes, utilities, wifi and a weekly cleaning service. What’s more, an AI tool will provide a report on your compatibility with fellow flatmates and COVE’s programme of community events for our tenants provides an instant community. With all the details taken care of, all COVE tenants need to do is turn up and move in!  

Hassle free room rentals with friends

Salil is an example of a typical COVE tenant. Aged 27, and single, he was transferred to Singapore with a reputable investment bank. Renting a 1-bed apartment would have meant spending over 50% of his income on rent and he wasn’t keen to live alone. “I’m so glad I found COVE. They offer affordable rent and I instantly felt at home with everything taken care of plus I love having my new flatmates to come home to after work and explore Singapore with on weekends!” he said. If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, get in touch today via our Whatsapp or drop us an email and the COVE team will help you find your perfect home to rent in Singapore!

Check out some of our amazing rooms here!

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